Teagan Brown

Magician | Dancer | Entertainer

Stage Show

Don't miss this amazing production featuring magic, dance and comedy. This show is one of a kind and will knock your socks off. If you are interested in booking his stage show send an email to magicteagan@gmail.com or purchase tickets to an upcoming show.

Close -up

This intimate one-on-one or small group magic, often within a much larger function, will help groups to mingle for corporate, special events and private parties. Booking for close-up means that they will get to interact and experience magic in a very personal way.


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Teagan Brown

Teagan’s mission is to help people forget about their troubles and enjoy themselves. Magic is good medicine and even a little magic goes a long way…. come  see his upcoming shows at the Fringe Festival July 27th/28th/29th

What People Are Saying

“Students and teachers are in awe at all times. He is uplifting and promotes the value of being multilingual and multicultural.”
Francis Schneeweiss
Principal at Salida Del Sol in Greeley
“Very entertaining, engaging and culturally educational!”
Tish Dominguez
School Psychologist Salida Del Sol

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